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THE POST TIMES     November/December 2013


The summer is over and it’s time to get back to Legion business. There have been a lot of things happening over the summer to bring Prestige and Recognition thanks to all the various groups within the Post.
We are still in need for a Jr. Vice Commander, Chaplin, and a Sgt. at Arms. Interested parties should contact the Commander at the next Post meeting or by email commander156@gmail.com for appointment to any one of these positions.
We are currently looking for donations (large or small) to “Operation Comfort Warriors”. This is a Legion National Project and we are in need of your support. There will be a large jar in the Lounge for donations. Let’s fill it up. Every cent donated to this project goes to the veterans. Not one cent goes to salaries etc.
There is a program in the works at the High School level; called S.T.A.R. (Student Taking Rolls) I know that somewhere down the road we will be asked to support this program. At this point I do not know what will be needed from us. The students involved in will be taught the following; time management, study skills and strategies, leadership, conflict resolution, problem solving, decision-making, team building, physical fitness, first aid, public speaking, military time, drill and ceremony, phonetic alphabet, military customs, and courtesy.
John Reid, Tony Macaudda, many Legion Riders, and I attended the MIA POW Ceremony aboard the Battleship Massachusetts on Sunday September 16th. Pictures will be posted on the picture board in the lounge area. It was a very impressive ceremony.
Coming events next month are as follows.
Meat Raffle Oct. 5 at 7:30

This summer, Waltham High School students and the entire Waltham Community participated in a shared reading experience by all reading Left for Dead: A Young Man’s Search for Justice for the USS Indianapolisby Pete Nelson. Our Post hosted a “Meet the Author” gathering attended by about 100 High School Students, Veterans and local residents.  Eighteen tables were set-up. Each of the tables included at least one veteran. Almost every Veteran’s organization in the city was represented. Conversations between the Veterans and the students seemed to go well. The event took place in the main hall. A special thanks goes to Nancy Hancock (Post manager) and everyone who helped with set-up and clean up.
Please attend the regular Post meeting on the Third Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. every month.
FROM THE CHAPLAIN – position vacant
Comrades who are ill:  None       
The Post officers would like to be made aware of member who is ill so that proper recognition can be made in this newsletter and in the lounge.
Comrades transferred to Post Everlasting:     
WWII – Gerald Lyons
Our apologies go to the family and friends of Gerald “Gerry” Lyons. It appears that his name was not included in the last newsletter.
If the family of a member that has passed away and would like the Post to perform a ritual at the viewing, they need to request it through the Post. Please notify Post 156’s office as soon as possible if so interested.
FROM THE ADJUTANT: – Dennis Bernhardt
2013 DUES Reminders are out
As of this mailing, we have just about reached 70% of our Post membership goal for 2013. We want to maintain or grow our membership. Your support helps.
A reminder: To help reduce cost and use of paper the Post Times can be received via email. If you do not already receive yours this way and would like to, please email me at dpbernhardt@comcast.net.

SAL Squadron 156

Welcome back Sons. Well, just to let you know our annual cookout was a great success. Thank you for all your hard work. The Legion is only as strong as the people involved in it.
I have never met anyone in the Legion that didn’t have the best interest of the Veteran in mind. The American Legion does more to help our nation’s veterans than any organization I can think of. And with that, I think all of you should be as proud as I am to be an American.
God Bless America and let’s have a safe and great year.

Auxiliary Unit 156


Sat. Nov. 16th – Monthly dinner 5:30pm
Sat. Nov. 23th – Turkey Meat Raffle Bingo
Legion Riders Chapter 156

2nd Annual Bike & Car Show

The 2nd Annual Bike & Car Show was a huge success this year.  This year’s event was pulled together in conjunction with the Waltham Firefighters in an effort to raise funds for Veteran Services and the Waltham Firefighters Relief Association.  This year we also introduced the "Slow Crawl" around Waltham which included 77 motorcycles, 44 vintage cars/trucks and 1 trolley carrying the Mayor and the American Legion Band.  We had over 300 registered guest join us on September 7th for this ride and event, it was a good thing we extended the permits to include shutting down Waverley Oaks Road to set up for the Slow Crawl.  The music was great, the food was awesome, the vendors were busy and from my view point it looked like everyone was having a great time.  I would like to thank the American Legion Post 156 and all associated departments for their support in helping to make this year’s event a success.  Check out the 2nd Annual Bike & Car Show on our Facebook page, just Google American Legion Riders Waltham Ma to get there.

POW/MIA Ceremonies

We also participated in two POW/MIA Remembrance Ceremonies in September.  The first was the ride to the U.S.S Massachusetts in Fall River Ma.  This was an incredible event which gives all participants an opportunity to tour the ships in dock. 
We also supported the American Legion Bedford Post by leading a Rolling Thunder Parade through Bedford concluding at the Bedford Post.  We presented the Colors to the Honor Guard at the Post.  During the ceremony the names of the Massachusetts POW/MIA were read off and for each name identified an American Legion Rider posted a flower on a wreath of remembrance.  This was a proud moment for the Riders and it was received by the Bedford Post Command and attendees.
Post 156

Waltham American Legion

Rehearsals (Monday evenings at 7:00-9:00pm)

Vets Day Ceremony – Waltham – Mon. 11/ 11
Vets Day Parade – Boston – Mon. 11/11
Christmas Parade – Quincy - Sun. 12/1
Santa – Maynard - Sun. 12/1
See www.walthamlegionband.org for more information.
Miscellaneous Information

Military patches Wanted!!!
Here is an opportunity to proudly display your military patch or Police or Fire patches on the lounge wall behind the bar. See Tom Donahue.
Thanks again from Tom Donahue
Once again “Let’s Play Golf” was a real success.
I would like to thank all who helped. Jackie Thomas did a good job with the food and Danielle did a great job taking the picture. Thanks for your support Nancy Hancock. Thanks go out to our Commander David Yawnick who will be posting the golf pictures on line soon.

November and December Post Meetings

Post 156 E’ Board         1st Tues. @ 4:30 PM       Nov. 5       Dec. 3
Post 156                            3rd Tues. @ 5:00 PM      Nov. 19     Dec. 17                          
 Auxiliary Unit 156       2nd Mon. @ 6:00 PM     Nov. 8       Dec. 9
SAL Squadron 156        3rd Tues. @ 5:30 PM      Nov. 19     Dec. 17
Legion Riders                  3rd Tues. @ 6:00 PM     Nov. 19     Dec. 17